Joe’s PMC Day 2

It was 4 AM when I awoke in my tent.  I’d slept well, woke up once in the middle of night and pounded down one of my bottles of water, and after returning to my tent, was beginning to prepare for the day 2 ride to Provincetown.  The temperature was 70 plus, with oppressive humidity that reminded me of the few really hot days I’ve experienced when visiting in Texas.

I was tired, yet my muscles felt strong and ready to move on.  I knew at the end of my ride on Saturday that the heat and humidity of the afternoon had really gotten to me, I was exhausted.  By the time I had my gear packed up and my tent down I began to feel absolutely drained, and already I was running way behind schedule :-( .  I still had to get my gear to the transportation truck, eat some breakfast, and then join the starters.

Naturally, arriving at MMC as late as I did, the tent I found was as far from anything as possible, so walking across campus with my 20 lb bag of gear took real effort.  At that point I was actually beginning to feel ill, hadn’t eaten, and I began to question the wisdom of my continuing to ride, and I knew that IF I turned in my gear bag — no matter what, I would have to get to Provincetown.  I decided to not turn in my bag until after I had something to eat, and I could base my decision to continue on how I was feeling afterward.  I had a couple of yogurts with fruit and a bottle and a half of water, I felt no better :-(.

My legs felt strong — a positive for sure, but my body felt weak and undernourished.  The oppressive humidity was affecting me in a manner which I didn’t like.  I decided that rather than take a chance of needing medical attention along the route, the wisdom of my experiences and promises to my family that I “…wouldn’t take chances…”, I checked out of the Bourne to Provincetown ride, called my wife to pick me up in Bourne and headed home.


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