My Next Pan-Mass Challenge

Will there be a next Pan-Mass challenge for me?  That seems to be a question from many I’ve talked with, certainly I’ve been encouraged to begin planning for next years ride.  There are months to go before I must make a decision, and at this time it has not been made.  I’m still short of my fund-raising goal (It’s NOT too late to donate!Click Here to donate on-line.  To donate by check send a check payable to DFCI, PMC or Jimmy Fund to my PO Box 398, Mendon, MA 01756 and I will forward the check to the PMC and my ride will be credited. )

For me, the ride choice which means the Pan-Mass Challenge is the longest, most difficult Sturbridge to Provincetown ride.  It carries with it also, however, the largest find-raising minimum.  For me to ride next year I need to know that I’ll be able to make that minimum – perhaps joining a team will help me meet that goal – time will tell.  Training with other riders is, I believe, an important step that I must take before riding again.  I will need to attack my riding so that I can maintain my focus, perhaps joining with a team can provide that.

Physically it certainly is a challenge, but one I’m still convinced that I’m able to make.  FYI — below is a map showing where the ride was, along with the terrain ups and downs.  I’m thrilled that I completed the first day – an accomplishment for sure.

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