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The Mileage Adds Up

Monday, April 30th, 2012

I saw it as a milestone when I surpassed 100 accumulated miles on my new bike.  Over the past weekend after riding just short of 50 miles over a 2 day period I’m now registering over 250 miles, looking at the next milestone mileage at 500 miles.

The PMC site has nicely provided a suggested ride training schedule for the one or two day events.  Based upon those recommendations, by the time the ride comes I will have logged a minimum of 1500 additional miles!  At this point in time I am a couple of weeks ahead of schedule, but the real ramping up begins mid-May.  I’m hoping that at least through mid June I am able to remain somewhat ahead of schedule.

The schedule suggests 2-3 “medium distance” rides during the week.  Defined as 10-20 mile rides, I have been handling these quite well.  I’m finding it a challenge to create routes for my “longer” rides however, and at this point I still haven’t been riding with others.  Still have that to come.  In the meantime, the miles add up.

As Seen Along the (Green)Way

Monday, April 30th, 2012

When one travels one gets to see many different sights along the way, odd sights sometimes, sometimes funny, at times unfortunate, and at times particularly revealing of human nature in all it’s bazaar ways.  In particular I’ve found the bike path rides to provide a unique perspective on human nature — in particular just how completely oblivious of our surroundings we can be at times.

My most recent examples would include in particular:

  • The “walker on the cell phone”, wandering on the path in anything but a straight line, oblivious to my approach until my “Hello!” rang out as she veered into my oncoming path
  • Almost as unaware of my approach was the “reader”, keeping (amazingly) on a dependable straight line, nose in her book, walking into the wind with her bright blond hair being blown back like a flag in a stiff wind
  • Another “Hello” moment occurred for getting the attention of the “dog lover”, bent over to greet another walkers dog in such a manner as to take a significant portion of the path I had to ride on for herself, with all remaining path area blocked by the dog leash!

All in a days ride :-)


The Wind — Another Thing to Consider

Monday, April 9th, 2012

The weatherman on TV described the wind today as “blustery”, a rather apt description for the wind I fought on my bike ride today.  As an inexperienced distance rider, only beginning to get comfortable on his new bicycle, I found myself really being affected by the wind today.  Apparently that is just one more variable to account for in the equation of riding the distance posed by the Pan-Mass Challenge — the more I ride, the more I’m learning.  I discovered that this “blustery” wind appeared to come at me from all directions, so that no matter which way I was heading in my ride, I was fighting wind.  Chaulk it up to experience I guess.