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Group Riding

Saturday, May 26th, 2012

Today was my first experience with a group ride.  There were about 8 of us that left for our ride at 7 this morning with the intention of completing a 40 mile “training” ride.  During this ride I was exposed for the first time to the art of “drafting”, given pointers as I went, and feeling the difference that drafting can make.

The ride went well.  A flat tire for one rider, quickly fixed and we were on our way again.  For me, the pace was higher than I would have ridden had I been alone.  Although I was able to keep up along much of the way, the hills really slowed me down.  Bottom line – the pace, perhaps the heat, perhaps improper nutrition prior to the ride, or whatever — this 40 mile ride kicked my butt.

Another Milestone Reached

Monday, May 21st, 2012

On April 30th I wrote of just completing 250 miles on my bike, and set the next milestone at 500 miles. Well, as I write this today my odometer reads 501 miles! My short 14 mile ride yesterday capped off a week in which I logged some 75 miles of riding, multiple rides which included one of the 3 more difficult climbs of my chosen Pan-Mass route. If all goes at least somewhat according to plan I should be crossing the 1000 mile mark by this time next month.

The recommended training includes periodic “rest” days, and my body is telling me that it is time to refuel and let the muscles recover.  I’m traveling this week, so will be mapping out some rides from the hotel I’m staying at — I have no idea how much riding I’ll get in during my trip, but look forward to a 40 mile organized PMC training ride on Saturday which will give me my first taste of riding as part of a group.  This week should be a 100 mile week.

The Miles Add Up

Friday, May 18th, 2012

Wow!  It’s been 120 bike miles since I last posted!  I happily remain ahead of the training schedule for 2-day riders, and am really feeling good about it.  Last Saturday I posted a 58 mile ride which included 3 good climbs.  That ride puts me almost 3 weeks ahead.  With each ride my confidence builds, and I see with more and more clarity the value of training according to a planned pace.

By nature I am not a planner, however I find myself continually mapping out routes I might ride — a mix of routes, some more challenging than others.  My average speed on my rides has continued to rise, another good sign that the training is producing the desired results.  The weather has been absolutely ideal for biking the last few days, and I have taken advantage of it.  Also, I’ve found that my riding is a great stress reliever.  When the going gets tough, the tough go biking!  My mind is always much clearer after one of my short “stress relief” rides.

Mist, Drizzle, Fog, Cold and Wet Bike Riding

Saturday, May 5th, 2012

As I set out to ride this morning the weather forecast for the day was to warm up and at least “get brighter”.  I had mapped out a ride of around 30 miles which I had identified as a challenging ride for me knowing the hills that I would face.  My original plan had been to leave the house by 7AM, however, given the foggy start of the day, I decided to play it safe and wait a bit.  By 9AM I was done waiting, however the visibility hadn’t really improved significantly, so I donned my brightest yellow shirt and headed off for my ride.  After all, it was supposed to “clear up”!

I’m glad I didn’t wait for it to “clear up”, as the brightest part of the day came with sunshine peeking through for the first time at 7 PM!  The final mileage for my ride (More Info Here) — 34.17 miles :-), a new record for me.  I had to stop a couple of times during the ride to clear the “mist” from my glasses, and about 6 miles into the ride, the “mist” became more of a light rain.

The short story of it?  It was a great ride!  It served as in introduction for me of what riding in less than delightful weather is like.