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Three Days and a Wakeup!

Tuesday, July 31st, 2012

I must admit that over the last couple of days I’ve acted more like an excited kid waiting for their first “big” roller coaster ride, or a special birthday when  “everybody” is coming to help me celebrate!  My countdown is reminiscent of a Navy short-timer looking forward to their discharge — three days and a wakeup before the “big” day begins!  In many ways it just doesn’t seem possible.

The training rides have been done,  “Papa Bear” and I am as ready to go as we can be!  I’ll probably get in one more short ride — another couple of  hours of easy riding — just to stay loose.  My excitement is electric!  I’ve put off for 20 years doing this, and now it’s three days and a wakeup away!  Life IS good!  I’ll start pulling everything together tomorrow, making sure I’ve got my bag packed, got all the recommended items together, and ready to get the wheels rolling at 5:30 AM on Saturday.

Hoping to see you along the way  :-)

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Benefit Bikathon: A Good Time (aka PMC 1981)

Wednesday, July 25th, 2012

In my previous post I wrote about Warren Goodnow’s finding an article printed in the Daily News after the 1981 ride — I have posted that article in pdf form and it may be accessed here: PMC1981History.

I Keep Meeting the Nicest People!

Wednesday, July 25th, 2012

Today in the local barber shop I met a woman whose daughter is visiting from Canada with her young son who was NOT happy to be having his hair cut.  Warren was absolutely wonderful as he worked his magic with the squirming, screaming boy who was “all done” probably before it started.  It was a joy to be there and see how all present dealt with the situation with such wonderful patience.  There was no yelling or threatening, simply patience and love — what a treat to see!

My friend Warren Goodnow has a history with the PMC dating back to 1981, the year of the second PMC ride, and earlier in the day he showed me a clipping from an old scrapbook that he found with an article printed in the Daily News — I talked him into letting me take that article and scan it into electronic form so that I could pass it on to others who I knew would be interested in seeing it.  That’s what brought me back into his shop.

After the boy’s haircut, as the now quiet boy playing with toys settled himself in, Warren showed them the article explaining all about his experience, which opened up more conversation about the PMC, my riding this year, and the experiences I’ve had before the ride — including conversations with “the nicest people” I keep meeting.


The Roller Coaster

Friday, July 6th, 2012

It’s hard to believe that it was Father’s Day when I last posted to this blog, so much has occurred since that time a mere 2 1/2 weeks ago.  I’m reminded of a roller coaster as I think back since that last post.

To begin with, I’ve only been able to log somewhat over 125 miles on the bike in training — when ideally it should have been double that at least.    A pulled muscle in my back (after picking up the newspaper from the ground!) had me off the bike for a little over a week, after which I was able to get in that 125 miles over 3 good rides.  On each ride I felt stronger, and once again felt confident that my training was getting me to where I need to be in order to complete the ride.

Backs (or at least my back) seem to be fickle regarding injuries — and 3 days ago once again (for no apparent reason) it let me know I needed to rest it again.  So, here I am, perfect training weather outside, and some 4 weeks away from the kickoff dinner — nursing my ailing back.

Good news, bad news — isn’t that the story of life?  Right now I’m just trying to be patient and take care of myself.  Cancer treatments aren’t easy — and neither is the PMC.