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The Rest of the Story – A Dana Farber Experience for Me!

Saturday, June 15th, 2013

I didn’t think I needed additional incentive to support the Dana Farber.  However, I got it — On April 23rd I had surgery under the expert hands of a Dana Farber Thoracic surgeon.   From Dana Farber supporter to Dana Farber patient in 8 short months.  I was the fortunate one, the spot seen on my lung which was the concern and reason for the surgery was NOT CANCER!

My recovery was amazing, and I was on my bike within a week of the surgery – no noticeable change to my lung function in spite of the surgery.  Being faced with the unknowns around the surgery, that is why it took me so long to register for one of the PMC rides – but all is well!

Today was a 2 thumbs up weather day, and I had the bike wheels turning by 6AM.  Todays ride was a demanding 33 mile ride with just shy of 2500 ft. of climb — it was my most difficult ride since starting my training in early May.  Total miles to date – 214.

You may support my ride by clicking this link to Joe’s PMC Ride.

To see my route today click Here.