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My Second PMC Ride is Complete

Monday, August 5th, 2013

The weather was gorgeous :-), the riding a joy, the spirits high and the “saddle” time — let’s just say, a long time.  My ride statistics for this year are posted at JoeColey’s PMC Volunteer ride.  This years PMC had riders from 38 states participating.  Volunteering was a joy.

This year I was fortunate enough to have met up with a fellow rider along the route who was struggling to keep up with the group of much more experienced riders that she started with.  We began chatting as we peddled, getting further behind the group she started with and as time went on became riding partners, and completed the ride together.  It was wonderful to have a riding partner!  Saddle time on a long ride just passes much more quickly when pedaling with another.  Her goal for the ride was just to finish — she had no expectations for time, just wanted to ride to the best that her limited training on a friends borrowed bike would allow.  For me, riding with her kept me from constantly pushing my own limits, thus conserving my energy so that I felt great after the ride!  Thank you Beth!