The Miles Add Up

Wow!  It’s been 120 bike miles since I last posted!  I happily remain ahead of the training schedule for 2-day riders, and am really feeling good about it.  Last Saturday I posted a 58 mile ride which included 3 good climbs.  That ride puts me almost 3 weeks ahead.  With each ride my confidence builds, and I see with more and more clarity the value of training according to a planned pace.

By nature I am not a planner, however I find myself continually mapping out routes I might ride — a mix of routes, some more challenging than others.  My average speed on my rides has continued to rise, another good sign that the training is producing the desired results.  The weather has been absolutely ideal for biking the last few days, and I have taken advantage of it.  Also, I’ve found that my riding is a great stress reliever.  When the going gets tough, the tough go biking!  My mind is always much clearer after one of my short “stress relief” rides.

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