Another Milestone Reached

On April 30th I wrote of just completing 250 miles on my bike, and set the next milestone at 500 miles. Well, as I write this today my odometer reads 501 miles! My short 14 mile ride yesterday capped off a week in which I logged some 75 miles of riding, multiple rides which included one of the 3 more difficult climbs of my chosen Pan-Mass route. If all goes at least somewhat according to plan I should be crossing the 1000 mile mark by this time next month.

The recommended training includes periodic “rest” days, and my body is telling me that it is time to refuel and let the muscles recover.  I’m traveling this week, so will be mapping out some rides from the hotel I’m staying at — I have no idea how much riding I’ll get in during my trip, but look forward to a 40 mile organized PMC training ride on Saturday which will give me my first taste of riding as part of a group.  This week should be a 100 mile week.

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