Ten years ago today I was treated at Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital in Boston for Prostate Cancer — yesterday I rode my bicycle 76 miles in training for the Pan-Mass Challenge cancer fund-raising event!  Last Saturday I was at Fenway Park, on the field during the singing of our National Anthem!  Today our local paper had my picture and a short storyI seem to be living a charmed life, and I’m celebrating!

Not so for others, however.  Recent family news brought word of an incurable colon cancer which has spread to the liver, in a man MUCH too young to be faced with such a grim diagnosis.  In addition to that, yesterday I was with a friend whose sister seems to be losing her battle with lung cancer.  Today I heard of the diagnosis of another cancer case involving one of the men I know from my morning gym workouts.  Cancer seems to touch everyone, and its effect can be brutal!

On my ride yesterday I found myself even more intense than usual — I found myself thinking about my “Why I ride!” statement, and it’s time to update it.  There has been much progress made in the field of cancer diagnosis, treatment and detection — but we still have work to be done.  That work requires funds, and one way I can support the effort is by intensifying my fund-raising efforts.

If you can possibly do so, please support my PMC ride .

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