Three Days and a Wakeup!

I must admit that over the last couple of days I’ve acted more like an excited kid waiting for their first “big” roller coaster ride, or a special birthday when  “everybody” is coming to help me celebrate!  My countdown is reminiscent of a Navy short-timer looking forward to their discharge — three days and a wakeup before the “big” day begins!  In many ways it just doesn’t seem possible.

The training rides have been done,  “Papa Bear” and I am as ready to go as we can be!  I’ll probably get in one more short ride — another couple of  hours of easy riding — just to stay loose.  My excitement is electric!  I’ve put off for 20 years doing this, and now it’s three days and a wakeup away!  Life IS good!  I’ll start pulling everything together tomorrow, making sure I’ve got my bag packed, got all the recommended items together, and ready to get the wheels rolling at 5:30 AM on Saturday.

Hoping to see you along the way  :-)

Click Here for Joe’s PMC Ride Schedule

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