PMC Day 1 – Thanks To …

Friends to greet me when I stopped at home   PMCHomeStop

Funniest cheering sign:   We support no underwear!”  NOTE to any other riders — did I REALLY read that correctly?

The patches of cheerleaders of ALL ages, out to encourage us up the hills — “You’re almost to the top — that’s it in sight!  You can do it! Almost there!”.

Those who stayed cheering for those who were near the end of the riders — and a special thanks to those with the hoses spraying us to cool us down!

All who have supported my ride in any manner,  their prayers, financial resources, riding tips, training helps, encouragement — My thanks to all — your support is very much appreciated.

The police at intersections who kept us riders moving safely through, stopping traffic well in advance of our arrival so that at whatever speed we were going, we could just keep our pedals turning!  :-)

The ride volunteers who worked countless man-hours to setup and serve us, then add more hours to close down and cleanup.

The road crews who provide a sense of security and help if needed to the riders.


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