Looking Ahead to the 2013 PMC Weekend

My how plans change over time.  When I wrote my last post on December 27th 2012 I had no idea what was in store for me.  I was looking forward to registration opening for the 2013 PMC ride in mid January for previous riders.  However, on December 29th I slipped on ice, and in a hard fall backward managed to pull my left quad tendons off my knee, and so January 4th, 2013 I had surgery for quad tendon repair, and the knowledge of months of rehab.

Faced with a long recovery from the surgery I determined that the probability of my being ready to ride the 2 day PMC was pretty slim, and in fact whether I would even be ready to ride any significant distance by June seemed doubtful.  I was bummed, but hoped to be able do something — but what remained to be seen.

I’ve now been out on the bike 4 times, each ride longer than the previous, and my last one a 27 mile ride.  That was a good test of just how far I need to go with my training, and gave me an excellent sense of my current limits.  Injury recovery just isn’t fun.

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