My Ride Today

The rain continued to threaten, drizzled some, but not a washout and I got in my 50 mile ride.  While in Cumberland, Rhode Island a group of 8-10 riders passed me who were also on a training ride for PMC weekend.  There were a number of groups of riders seen today.  Once again I was reminded of the value of riding with a group.  It’s very different than riding alone as my rides usually are.

After some 40 miles of riding I found myself beginning to really struggle for no apparent reason — then I noticed my front tire was soft, a problem which I have been dealing with for my last few rides.  We (my bike mechanics and I) thought we had the problem resolved, but that remains to be seen at this point.  In order to continue I had to use my little bike pump, which is truly limited for just how much pressure it is capable of producing when I’m using it.  (I acknowledge that someone with more strength than I might produce better results :-) ).

In spite of the equipment problem I was satisfied with my ride, and have no qualms about riding the 80 mile PMC ride on August 4th.


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