Riding the Distance – Training for the PMC

It’s early in the New England season, but if the road conditions permit, and the temperature stays above 40 long enough, outdoor riding using the mountain bike can happen — and a couple of times this year it has, yesterday being my second ride of 2014.  It’s a start toward the ultimate goal of riding the 2-day Pan-Mass Challenge this coming August 2nd and 3rd.  I expect that I will be uploading each of my rides using my new GPS-enabled sports watch.  Yesterdays ride can be seen at February 1st Ride.

I’m anxiously awaiting the registration of the rest of my team so that PMC Team ThreeG3N  (Short for 3 generations!) can be officially formed.  Team ThreeG3N will consist of three generations of Coley riders, myself, my daughter and my grandson — and a friend of my daughters.  While it is still early in the season, the fundraising on my part has begun.  On-Line donations can be made at Joe’s Donation Page.

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