Training for the First Time Ride

So much to learn, so little time to learn it.  Here in eastern Massachusetts coming up on April many think not only of the looming tax time deadline, but also of the Boston Marathon.  Through the years I’ve been along the Marathon route only once that I remember, and although in my young years I did enjoy running, doing the Boston Marathon just wasn’t 0n my radar – it was always an “I’d never be able to do that!” kind of thinking.

Now here I am at age 70, training for what is referred to by its creator  as “…a serious endurance event…”.  What’s in my mind now, unlike my marathon thoughts of earlier years is that “I have no reason to think that I can’t do this!”.

The caveat of course is proper training — not only with exercise, but also nutrition and hydration  (See my earlier post about How Not To Leave the Gym“.)   This is where my reference to the Marathon comes in.  Comparing notes with the Pastor at my church, Rob Davis, who IS a marathoner and will be running this years Boston Marathon, I am realizing with each conversation we have that there are significant parallels between  training for a 190 mile bike ride and Marathon training. This is all new for me.

I’ve been along the sideline for the PMC ride for many years saying “someday I’m going to ride.”, and I’ve known others who have done the ride.  In talking with those who have done the ride I continue to be encouraged.  With each day at the gym, each hour on my bike, and each conversation with a previous rider that I have, I become more and more excited.


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