The Mileage Adds Up

I saw it as a milestone when I surpassed 100 accumulated miles on my new bike.  Over the past weekend after riding just short of 50 miles over a 2 day period I’m now registering over 250 miles, looking at the next milestone mileage at 500 miles.

The PMC site has nicely provided a suggested ride training schedule for the one or two day events.  Based upon those recommendations, by the time the ride comes I will have logged a minimum of 1500 additional miles!  At this point in time I am a couple of weeks ahead of schedule, but the real ramping up begins mid-May.  I’m hoping that at least through mid June I am able to remain somewhat ahead of schedule.

The schedule suggests 2-3 “medium distance” rides during the week.  Defined as 10-20 mile rides, I have been handling these quite well.  I’m finding it a challenge to create routes for my “longer” rides however, and at this point I still haven’t been riding with others.  Still have that to come.  In the meantime, the miles add up.

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