Mist, Drizzle, Fog, Cold and Wet Bike Riding

As I set out to ride this morning the weather forecast for the day was to warm up and at least “get brighter”.  I had mapped out a ride of around 30 miles which I had identified as a challenging ride for me knowing the hills that I would face.  My original plan had been to leave the house by 7AM, however, given the foggy start of the day, I decided to play it safe and wait a bit.  By 9AM I was done waiting, however the visibility hadn’t really improved significantly, so I donned my brightest yellow shirt and headed off for my ride.  After all, it was supposed to “clear up”!

I’m glad I didn’t wait for it to “clear up”, as the brightest part of the day came with sunshine peeking through for the first time at 7 PM!  The final mileage for my ride (More Info Here) — 34.17 miles :-), a new record for me.  I had to stop a couple of times during the ride to clear the “mist” from my glasses, and about 6 miles into the ride, the “mist” became more of a light rain.

The short story of it?  It was a great ride!  It served as in introduction for me of what riding in less than delightful weather is like.

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